Hi, welcome!

About this space
This is my personal space for notes. I like to read, I like to attend talks, I like to learn new things, but I tend to forget them. So I like to make notes about the things that I learn, read or listen to.

This place is not private (obviously) but nobody usually visits this site, since I don’t share it ever. This is just a public personal space. So please don’t judge the writing, or the typos, because I don’t proof-read myself. I just throw whatever I want here, for myself only. I wouldn’t do this if I had to spend extra time cleaning up and making everything perfect.

About me
My name is Jonathan Pepin. “From growth” is kind of a joke at Uber, but comes from the fact that I worked a long time on the growth team there. So I was known as “Jonathan from Growth”.

That’s not a terrible name, because I guess I developped a few skills doing growth there.

I was lucky to join early enough so I was able to participate in multiple stages of growth.
First, the early growth days. We were still a small company, trying to figure out if we should even be doing growth.
We started doing things for user acquisition and retention. We built better emails, better campaigns, better ads. Referrals systems, targetted signup pages, etc.
Then as we grew, we became concerned about scale. We got to a point where we needed to automate things, especially on the driver onboarding side, where we started to onboarding thousands and then hundreds of thousands of drivers a week, all over the world. I wrote an interesting blog post about it.

We built a world class growth team, with the best people, la creme de la creme, and we all learnt from each others. That was great.

Now, I’m in the Amsterdam office, working on Rider Payments. This is still somewhate related to growth, but I’m mostly focusing on building compliant, reliable, scalable and stable systems, which is a big challenge at our scale.
I’m talking about distributed systems across multiple data centers that have to be available 99.99% of the time, be reliable so we don’t loose any data, and address hundreds or reads and thousands of writes per seconds.

We are building an incredible team here in Amsterdam, so if you want more info, we have a great post about how the office is, and don’t hesitate to contact me directly. I’ll be happy to answer any question. I also love to hear and discuss about startups and their challenges, so if you have questions or need some help, feel free to contect me also.